What has God done for You in 2015

12.31.15 Well today is the last day of 2015 so I would like to do a little different kind of blog and it needs your comments as well. I was just wondering if God did anything for you in 2015. I'll start with what God did for me in 2015. 
Lets see where do I begin? Well this may sound crazy but I was having Migraines and so God took them away from me, by getting the people I worked for 13 years to sale to another co. in Anchorage KY and they downsized and let me and several others go. That's right since I left that place I haven't had a migraine. Then God gave me another job which I really love. I never thought I would love dealing with the public like I do but I really love what I do. Someone at work yesterday was saying when I first started there I barely talked but now I really fit in. I told him before I started working there I didn't talk to people I didn't know very much, but God took me out of my comfort zone. Then after I started my new job Ernest co. decided to downsize and you got that right Ernest lost his job that he had worked @ for years. God gave him another job that he seems to enjoy and he gets to witness to the group of guys he works with. I could go on and on with what God has done for me but I'd like to see what God has done in your life in 2015. So please comment so others can see. 
While God owes us nothing, He freely gives us the salvation He promises when we accept Christ. He then adds to His generosity by sending His Spirit to help us in this life as we prepare for the joy of eternity with Him. The seeming unfairness of life demands that we keep our eyes on Him and His Word—not on others.
While doing this blog I came across a couple comments that people said about what God has done for them:
**Each and every day God does something for you and gives you a blessing. Some days your blessings are huge and some days they may be small but just the rising of the sun each day is a new blessing. I could ramble on about all the many blessing God has done for me but 2 words can sum it up: Eternal Salvation.
**The fact that He wakes me up each day is a blessing to learn more about Him and to praise Him, to be victorious over sin, to experience His forgiveness and peace, His never ending love and kindness, knowing that He is my Father, the knowledge of His plan to restore all to Himself through Jesus, that He has blessed me with a loving family, the ability to provide for my needs, the opportunity to share with others, beautiful children to interact with and teach, so many things and opportunities. I am thankful each and every day. God bless.
**The Lord has blessed me in so many ways I cannot even begin to list them........He has sustained me and my family thru difficult times.....He has provided for all my needs and then some.......He has shown himself faithful to his promises in protecting me sustaining my health and loving me when I was still a sinner...... he has put HIS people in my life....He does not give up on me......he has been patient with me and helps me to grow in Faith.....The Lord is so good.....Thank you Father in Heaven so much, thank you Jesus,.......thank you Holy Spirit......Blessed be God always.....I Love you Lord.
So now let's flood facebook with what God has done for you in 2015.


Lord I come to You thanking You for waking me up everyday. I thank You for my family and friends. I thank You for the jobs You have given us. Lord please be with my facebook family and friends and know that I love You. I ask these things in Jesus Name Amen.

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