12.25.15 Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I pray that you celebrated the real meaning of Christmas and that's the Birth of Jesus the Savior of the World. It's not about gift giving or receiving, without Christ there would not be Christmas. So if you haven't yet then take a few minutes and spend it with God and thank Him for the Birth of His Son. After all God gave us the best gift of all and that's the gift of eternal life through the death, burial and resurrection of His one and only Son Jesus. 
Christmas can be overwhelming, if we let it; I suspect many people have felt the way you do, at least occasionally.
But of course it shouldn’t be this way, because Christmas celebrates the greatest event in the history of the human race: the night God stooped down from Heaven and became a human being—Jesus Christ. On that night, the Bible says, “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14).
I’ve sometimes wondered if Mary didn’t feel overwhelmed that first Christmas. Put yourself in her position: told by an angel she would bear God’s Son, although she was a virgin … forced to journey to Bethlehem for a Roman census … giving birth in a stable … visited by shepherds when all she probably wanted to do was rest … yes, it must have been almost overwhelming. And yet through it all Mary knew she was in God’s will — and that was what really mattered. The Bible says, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19).
Ask God to help you be more organized this year, and to cut out the things you don’t really need to do. But also take time each day to be alone with God—even if it’s only for a few minutes. Let the wonder of what happened that first Christmas sink into your soul, and thank God for sending His Son into the world for our salvation.
Christmas is not a myth, not a tradition, not a dream. It is a glorious reality. It is a time of joy. Bethlehem’s manger crib became the link that bound a lost world to a loving God. From that manger came a Man who not only taught us a new way of life, but brought us into a new relationship with our Creator. Christmas means that God is interested in the affairs of people, that God loves us so much that He was willing to give His Son.
So before you go to bed tonight thank God for allowing you to have another Christmas with your family and friends and most of all for sending His Son to die that horrible death on that cross so that we may live. 
God I come to You thanking You for allowing me to enjoy Christmas with family and I want to thank You for sending Omar our way so that he could spend this special day with us. Lord I want to thank You for sending Your Son so that I may live. Lord please watch over my facebook family and friends and know I love You. I ask these things in Jesus Name Amen.

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