God is real

11.25.15 God is real just like the air you breath is real. Who do you think created the air? If God wasn't real we wouldn't be here. He created us, God has always been and always will be. Look @ the miracle of birth and the little baby that was created. What about thunderstorms, sometimes when it thunders it sounds like God may be angry and who could blame Him with all the hatred in the world today. The apostle Paul said creation was the best evidence of God’s existence. He wrote, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen” (Rom. 1:20). 
Let me ask you something, "have you ever taken the time to stop and look @ all the beautiful flowers when their in bloom? There are more than 400,000 species of flowers in the world, and most of them are not edible. Their job is to simply make the world beautiful. Did they just haphazardly evolve over time, or did a loving God create each individual shape and color scheme for our enjoyment? People who choose to deny God don’t spend enough time looking at tulips, snapdragons, orchids, lilies, lotuses or magnolias. This is why it’s really important to stop and smell the roses! What about the Bible it's not just a book like any other. Paul wrote that “all Scripture is inspired by God” (2 Tim. 3:16). The Bible itself is proof of God’s existence because He used 40 unrelated people over a period of 2,000 years to write His unique love letter to us. There is nothing like the Bible because it carries the same consistent message throughout all of its 66 different books.
Look what I found while writing this: The global spread of Christianity, Over the centuries, the gospel message has been vilified and ridiculed. Roman rulers threw first-century Christians to the lions, and 20th-century dictators sent believers to prison camps. It is estimated that 70 million Christians have been martyred since the church began—and 40 million of those were in the 20th century. Yet today Christianity has more adherents than any religion, and numbers are growing in many parts of the world. Our faith is spreading because it is the truth—and history shows that when this truth is mocked and scorned, it actually spreads faster! 
What about Jesus? He came so that we may live. The most amazing thing about God is not that He exists, but that He loved us so much He was willing to send His Son to earth to save us from ourselves. Jesus was with the Father from the time of creation, and His arrival was predicted numerous times in Old Testament prophecy. Finally He interrupted history and came to live among us. His crucifixion is historical fact, and His resurrection was verified by hundreds of witnesses. The man who perhaps knew Jesus best—the apostle John—saw the risen Christ and touched His nail-pierced hands. He wrote, “What we have seen and heard we proclaim to you” (1 John 1:3). Jesus is not an illusive fairy tale. He is the living, breathing, touchable Son of God.
God is my personal friend, is He your friend? Paul in 2 Timothy 1:12: “I am not ashamed; for I know whom I have believed.”
God proves to me everyday that He's alive through the way He loves me, how He forgave me, changed me and put un-explainable joy in my heart. If you don't know God then it's not to late, He's waiting for you even @ this hour. God never sleeps He's always watching over His children.


Thank You God for saving my soul. Thank You God for always loving me when I know sometimes I may be unlovable. Thank You God for sending the rain when we need it and letting us see Your glory through Your creation and thank You for being my best friend. Keep watch over my facebook friends and family and know I love You. I ask these things in Jesus Name Amen.

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